October 13, 2008

Update: Free Banner Offer

Thank you to everyone who responded to my offer to create a 125 x 125 banner for free. I have succeeded in creating banners that people like and enjoy and failed with a couple!

Altogether I designed 11 banners and get a real kick out of seeing them on the different blogs and websites. I hope the majority of you liked your banners!

Along with the successes there must come failure... I have been unable to create a banner for The Little House in the Suburbs - this is because the banner that exists already is a good one and I could not better it. Sorry! But I will keep this banner on my site for 30 days as consolation for being unable to produce the goods  - I did try though!

I am thinking of doing something similar again before Xmas  - maybe you might need a Christmas-y theme for use short term over the festive period. If you do then get your ideas together, images, fonts, etc. and visit this blog for further notification some time in the near future. 

Thank you again - I had a lot of fun working on these banners!

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