June 26, 2009

White Bedroom

Although it might not seem so, but it takes thought and restraint to  keep a room white. 

A relative of mine has a living room which is primarily cream and ivory and I initally  felt very tempted to recommend splashes of duck-egg blues and pale greens just to add some interest. But after spending some time there the need disappeared. Using pale colors can be so soothing and if done well it can work.

Waking up in this bedroom must be glorious. 

June 11, 2009

Toilet Seat

Usually I showcase items that I like for various reasons. Here is an example of the opposite.

The toilet seat rates very highly on my 'yuck-factor' scale!

Taste is personal but the overall effect is one that is not pleasing.

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June 9, 2009

Drain House

Would you prefer to spend a night in a drain house or in a tent on the same patch of ground?

Such an unusual bedroom space. I think spending the night here would be such an experience. Do you agree?

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