October 27, 2008


This Manhattan apartment has a hint of retro and yet is stylish and warm. An apartment for a busy person who is style-conscious but not overly so. The furniture almost appears thrown together, yet an artful eye has carefully chosen these items although I'm not too sure about the wall art.

What do you think?

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  1. Lucinda, if I may be open and honest I think the setting of this room is very disquieting. In my opinion the sofa and the chairs do not go well together. Table and rug go well together with the chairs. Not so with the chairs you see on the right side partially. Sofa needs same or similar upholstering as the chairs and a different colour. Colours from the rug would be nice. Wall art does not fit at all - brings even more unnecessary motion into the room. And the accessoires on the table, including the vase are a no-no. An Ikebana arrangement would be much more elegant, repeating the colours of the chairs and the sofa with some dark delicate branches.

    I very much hope you don't mind my openess.

  2. Petra,
    I love the fact you have shared your opinion about this room. I want to hear both positive and negative views about any or all aspects of this blog - so I thank you.

    I agree in some respects with your points- the table arrangement is obviously staged for the photograph and is wrong for the room - and as I have said I am not keen on the wall art. It is not a bad room if you like angles and colours, or you have an interest in retro rooms.
    My first preference is for soothing rooms, rooms that aid relaxation hence most of the featured rooms here don't have colors bouncing around everywhere!

    The really interesting aspect of this room is it is in the apartment of George Stephanopoulos (chief Washington correspondent at ABC news, USA)!
    Now what do you think of it?!!

    Thank you Petra, I appreciate your visits and input here.

  3. LOL - Lucinda - that does not change my opinion and the feeling I have towards this room in any way!!!! Now I know why people mostly leave the interior to women's judgement - haha

    Greetings, Petra


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