October 28, 2008

Dining Room

In my previous home I was determined to rid the house of the deep dark depressing brown flocked wallpaper and gloss paint. As soon as I could I painted 3 layers of a warm white on all the walls and ceilings. The dining room came alive and after a lot of hard work managed to sell the property for a tidy profit.

This dining room reminds me very much of my previous home. Notice the great mass of storage space which manages to blend into the decor. Great space to store all your requirements for dining ware -  away from the kitchen.

The candelabra adds a special touch which doesn't seem out of place in this setting.

The padded dining chairs essential -matching comfort and style. The large rug demarcates areas wonderfully.

A great idea is to paint variations of white in different rooms or areas. White can seem and feel cold, especially when the temperature drops and good lighting, 'warming' accessories and proper placing of furniture in the room will ensure your diners focus on the ambience, good food and company. As the night draws in good quality scented candles can add a special something: flickers of light and a great smell.

Overall a great space, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Gorgeous dining room. I love the bright lighting and furniture.

  2. Absolutely beautiful I have to have bright rooms, it makes it less depressing for me.

  3. I love the look of that dining room.

    I have a blog award for you at my blog if you'd like to come pick it up. =)

  4. This is beautiful. So open and airy. Dining in this room would be such a pleasure.


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