November 14, 2009

Red Kitchen

Red can be quite a scary over-powering color but here, in a kitchen, it is shown off beautifully. This kitchen has a lot of natural light flooding in through the windows, the dark worktops help to ground the high color and the just great!!

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November 11, 2009

Red Lounge

If you have just moved into new accommodation and your sofas appear to have seen better days then here's a tip. Measure your sofas without the cushions, length, breadth and width ways. Add on a few inches up to 6 inches either way to allow for tucking in, etc.

Decide on a color and whether you suffer from skin irritations or not - you don't want to buy a wool blend if you are allergic to wool! 

Consider if you want to have hard or soft fabrics. Take a picture of your room and of the sofa - if you have a digital camera or camera on your cell phone then no need to print your images - just take your equipment with you!

Head on down to your local fabric store - and choose a washable fabric.

Adorn your sofas!

Easy, reasonably priced and when it gets scuffed you can throw it into the washing machine.

Oh, and if you would rather avoid the 'house of ill repute' look of a red bulb (which I love, incidentally) then use colored shades, soft tone bulbs and dimmer switches. Candles also add to the cozy ambience. 

November 7, 2009

Bedroom - Neutral

When I moved into my apartment my aim was to not clutter the place with trinkets and baubles and so I decided on key pieces and only purchased those. For four months I lived with the bare essentials: a bed, 1 sofa, a chest of drawers, and a small occasional table. 

That was a great experience and ensured I brought into my home only the furniture that I really needed.

My bedroom is calming and peaceful -  like this one but with less furniture!