January 7, 2010


That is it. I am honestly sick of the cold and am now planning my escape to somewhere hot.

Many moons ago I stayed in a wonderful thatched cottage with simple rustic furniture deep in the jungle. The early morning mist would rise in the valley and engulf me whilst I swung in a hammock drinking my early morning brew. Wonderful!
Holidays where you are herded from A to B to C does not appeal to me and so my wanderlust spirit loves this kind of unscripted environment where the animals are all wonderful and sometimes dangerous.
Just thinking of it makes me feel a little less cold!!!

How do you plan to escape from the dreary weather? - (assuming you are experiencing that where you are.)

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January 1, 2010

Spring Clean

Yes, I know it isn't spring, but I use the new year to evaluate the 'things' I have around me and if there are items that could be cleaned, used, thrown away, given to relatives/friends or to the local charity shop.
It just seems an opportune time to clear the cobwebs of the previous year away and embrace the new with a clean slate. Plus, changing the window dressings, wiping down walls, vacuuming behind places that can be easily overlooked, rearranging furniture, throwing out chipped or cracked items, old bedding and that chair that has been in the shed for x number of years which one has not got around to repairing... - is good mind and body exercise.
Why don't we try it together?

Sorry I was away for so long!

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