October 6, 2008


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and 'enjoy' cold winters then what could be more impressive currently than to have a hand-made quilt gracing your bed and keeping you warm on a chilly night.

Quilts last for generations and are considered of great sentimental value and heirlooms passed on through families. 

If you are new to quilting then it is advisable to start small, a cushion is a good item to start with. Ensure you have gathered the right tools: needles, thimbles, sharp scissors/shears, thread, iron, ironing board, sleeve board, etc.

There are so many retailers and artisans selling beautiful handmade quilts, even antique quilts and innumerable resources available on the internet to enable you to create a beautiful work of art.

Now there's an idea: Creating a patchwork quilt for the winter! (or buying!)

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  1. My wife quilts and she does amazing work. I really love the look and feel of a home-made quilt. The quilt in your photo is wonderful. There really is nothing like snuggling up in a quilt.

  2. I vote for homemade...can be purchased or self made, but made with love.

  3. I made a quilt out of old t-shirts. It was good beginning quilt project.

  4. I love quilts and quilting although I would prefer to have a handmade one - I agree, Kelly and Waterrose - Homemade is best!

    I like the idea of using old materials for a quilt but one has to bear in mind the quality and durability of the overall quilt. For a first project then it makes sense to not spend a lot of money until you feel more able to tackle a larger project.

    Thank you all for responding. I cannot promist to respond to each and every comment (due to major time restraints, etc.) but each one helps to improve this blog!



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