February 8, 2014

Red and White Bedroom

 If you like quiet drama then this will appeal on so many levels. It is loud, yet quiet. The restraint
 used is admirable. Do you love it as much as I do?

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February 7, 2014

Shower Seat

 I love the practicality of shower seats. Not the plastic fold-ups but a solid seat which enables you to repose whilst rubbing your legs and feet with a good body scrub. I spend many more minutes in a shower with a shower seat.
Have you got one? Do you hanker after one?

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February 4, 2014

Red Galley Kitchen

Here's an example of a statement kitchen. Bright, optimistic and fresh. If you lack space but don't want a bog-standard kitchen then a shot of colour can work wonders. Even squeeze in a seating area at the end.

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Outdoor African Bedroom

Clearly this is a dream bedroom for some and a nightmare for others! I love it for the sheer simple beauty and the chance to wake up with glorious nature all around you.

This bedroom does have windows and sliding doors which gives the illusion of being outdoors.

I lived in a similar environment a few years ago and decided to move the bed onto the verandah. This lasted for a few hours before the darkness started to creep in with all the critters! Very romantic but in reality one just could not sleep. The possibility of jaguars or other large creatures wandering around whilst you slept just didn't appeal. Beautiful in the day. In the dark? -oh, mind the snakes!!

Do you like this look?

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January 23, 2014

Bedroom Ideas 1

lamp, padded quilted headboard, bedside table

Although I'm not a great fan of patterned wallpaper, in fact wallpaper in general, this could just pass in a small, uncluttered bedroom. The padded, quilted headboard blends well, adding texture and enhancing the translucent glass and lace pillows. I've checked on Ebay and you can find many plain brown old bedside consoles/ tables for not much and transform them with retro paint. A light touch has been used here and I think it works.
As I am moving again shortly, the creative parts of my brain have fired up again and I am looking for new ways of sprucing up a fairly plain house.

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