October 24, 2008


This hacienda door is an example of a doorway making a bold statement. Of course, the house itself must be equally as commanding.

Solidly built and the porch acts as a great lead to the door (the side areas resembling a portcullis) and into the great house.

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  1. Now that's an amazing door :)

  2. Hm - a majestic entrance - would love to see the house beyond!
    Fascinating to imagine what's hidden inside - this door really could be the beginning of a novel...
    Greetings, Petra

  3. I've given you an award to show how much I enjoy your blog :) You can pick it up from my blog.


  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    Dori: I agree it truly is an amazing door. Glad you like it.

    Petra: It does make you want to push open the heavy door to what is beyond and could be the start of a good story - wow! I like how you think!

    Claire: Thank you so much. I left a message on your blog. I am honored.

    Gina: Thank you for commenting - glad you like it too!

    Thanks again everyone!


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