July 30, 2008


One of the homes I lived in previously had an outdoor shower and also one indoors. Needless to say I took most of my showers outdoors. There is nothing to beat showering in the elements.

This shower is a mini-waterfall and I'm sure you can imagine the feeling of the water cascading onto you as you rubbed your skin clean with fresh scented natural products. You may want to add some trellis to shield you from prying eyes, allow some climbing plants to grow up the sides. Leave a good 3ft either side for showering space. Alternatively you could position the shower in an area where you are not overlooked in anyway. A great fun space for two!

July 27, 2008


A bath large enough for two with a beautiful view. Neutral and simply relaxing.

July 26, 2008


The entrance to your home should give a taster of what is within. Even if your home is a small apartment in a tower block or on a large parcel of land, the entrance is important.
Here is an example of a set of double doors leading in from the street pavement yet the effort and workmanship is evident. I almost want to slide my hand across the wood and across all the embellishments.

Your entrance may not be as grand but one could add a potted plant, stain or paint your door, add a new doormat in keeping with your decor. You could consider adding an old door-knocker - it doesn't have to be for any other reason than you like it - totally decorative. How about finger plates -the old antique brass handles not only look great but are very practical. Reclamation yards tend to have marvelous small and large items, although it does mean getting your hands dirty as you pull and dig your way through treasures and tat.
Well worth it!

July 24, 2008


Designers are an essential part of our lives and often their influences and genius can go unnoticed. We get 'design blindness'.
Here is an example of a simple idea beautifully executed. The London-based British designer, Jake Phipps has produced a loveseat which works both indoors and outdoors. The seat can be purchased in oak, cedar and acrylic. The acrylic versions are available in white, lime green and hot pink - depending on your taste of course! My personal preference is for the organic look.

No doubt we will be seeing more of Jake Phipps in the future - remember the name.

For more info contact jakephipps.com.

July 23, 2008

Music Room

This image represents the epitome of style. Shallow and deep pools of water outside, great lighting and cool, understated classical lines. One could imagine many evenings spent both entertaining and being entertained around the grand piano. A home for lovers of music. Wouldn't you want to be invited to a party here?

If you have space in your home to allocate a room for a specific project then you could use this image to inspire you to create a functional space where you can get away from it all yet still be part of the home.

July 21, 2008


These fabric lanterns are just the ticket for brightening up a night-time barbeque or soiree. Dotted around the garden on secure stakes or in trees they add much to the atmosphere. Not only do they look good they are great value too. From John Lewis UK- although they aren't the only ones who do these cutesy lanterns. Have a look in thrift shops or why not try making a set yourself in your favourite non-flammable fabric?

Safety Advice: Only use tea-lights and the flame should not touch the fabric - so keep them level.

July 20, 2008


What an amazing sink! Ammonite concrete and definitely a talking point for your visitors. For those who are supremely style conscious.

July 17, 2008


Should I apologise for featuring another bedroom? I have my favorite rooms and bedrooms are in the Top 2. I think this room is lush, over-the-top yet restrained. Note the 'suspended' beds.
It would be easy to change the room by adding pastel colours with a few high-powered accents, change the large mat and remove the fabric from the walls. If your walls aren't up to it just slap on some paint and a few choice pieces of artwork.
A great room for guests.

July 15, 2008


I have only one question: How do you just nip down to the shops for that little something you forgot to buy?
Would you like to live here?

July 13, 2008


Home should be a place of relaxation, somewhere to leave the cares of the world behind and retreat into a comfortable haven where peace and tranquility dominate. A pool does mean having a few more responsibilities (cleaning, managing chlorine/salt levels) but what a way to relax! Ensure you plant items around the area which don't shed leaves and therefore contaminate the water plus a non-slip surface around the edge of the pool is a sensible necessity. Sculptures, large comfy chairs and decent-sized tables dotted around help to create the atmosphere required.


The bright fresh colours contrast beautifully with the backdrop of white. This proves the point that you don't need a huge budget to make a home an attractive place to be.
Paint everywhere white and and then visit charity shops, auctions, yard sales, car boot sales, etc. Pick up bargains, but choose carefully. Ethnic fabric shops usually have an array of colourful fabrics - rifle through the remnant bins and make cushions, throws for the backs of sofas and chairs, etc. - especially easy if you are able to sew your own. Cheap and definitely cheerful.

July 12, 2008


Imagine spending the afternoons relaxing in just such an area as this - away from the heat of the sun - with loved ones. Eating a light lunch, drinking exotic smoothies then curling up in the swing-chair or lying prone on bamboo, fabric-covered matresses. Just imagine...

July 11, 2008


Isn't this just one of the kitsch-iest little stools ever? If you are not taken with the cover imagine it covered in your favourite fabric design: tartan, paisley, denim - anything. Retro with a smirk.

July 10, 2008


There is so much about this kitchen that is -well, right! Practical, aesthetically pleasing and, no doubt, a pleasure to be in. The nude tiles, double stainless steel sink, faucet...need I go on?

July 9, 2008


I spent some time living in a beach house on a beautiful Caribbean island some years ago. My bedroom was clean, compact and the soothing sounds of the sea sent me off into deep slumber each night.
The whole ambience here is one which soothes the eyes and the heart of the hurried city-dweller. There is a distinct lack of clutter and nothing is jarring or unnecessary. A lack of frou-frou as window dressing helps too - blinds, which are the most sensible option here, add to the smooth lines.

July 8, 2008


I have replaced my intended post with this one - as a 'gift' to Laura who commented on a previous post 'Patio' .
It would appear the owners have made the perfect use for such a small space. One bonus - no major cleaning! Just blow the leaves off the seats, relax and watch the world go by way on into the night.
Bliss bound right in the heart of a major city.

July 7, 2008


Peony: One of my father's favourite plants and not hard to see why. Growing up planting them, caring for them and making simple flora arrangements was my job as a child - I loved it!
They are so elegant and the clustered, profusion of leaves in the majority of the varieties just adds elegance to any decor or garden. If showcasing them in a vase ensure the actual vessel compliments and does not overshadow the beauty of these flowers. Plain and simple are the order of the day here.

July 6, 2008


If you aren't a fan of green on bedroom walls then this example may just help you change your mind. The key is to not be too precious about the elements that fit together. Instead you could add a thin-stemmed lamp or add muted shades of orange or pink to make it feel fresher and more modern. Throw some of your own likes and discard what you dislike; use images and ideas as a starting point. Have fun!

July 4, 2008


Okay, I'll admit it. I have a thing about chairs and sofas. This chair is too beautiful for me not to add it here. Philippe Starck, the master craftsman, designer, entrepreneur, artist...the list could go on. His eye for beauty has not missed the mark for me - yet.
The question is: Where wouldn't this look good?


In one of my earlier posts I suggested avoiding plastic plant pots - well here is an alternative which would go well in any garden or on a patio. It is made from terrazzolite which is not as expensive nor as heavy as Terrazzo. Easy to move around although, not so when planted! If the colour doesn't fit in with your scheme you could use stone/concrete paints and give them a light wash.
They range in size from large to small and prices from: $169 - $69 from Motif Furniture.com.

July 3, 2008


Calm, restful tones with a spark of freshness mix an element of the traditional with modernity. This grouping, you will notice, pays no attention to a television - this is a place for talking and relaxing. The large plant helps to balance the outer area and the large blue and cream rug ties it all together.