October 20, 2008


A hallway is the second stage after the front door. Your hallway is an entree to the rest of your home and so first impressions count. Clear away clutter.

Consider where you store your outdoor clothing and accessories. Do you have an unobtrusive space to store your shoes/boots? 

If your hallway is small it is a good idea to utilize color to create a sense of space. Or you may want to throw away conventional ideas and paint vivid bold colors which will match the rest of your home. Do what feels right to you and should you choose a colour you later dislike, the great thing about a small space is it is easy and relatively inexpensive to change.

Try to install hard-wearing flooring and choose a large internal doormat to prevent any outdoor debris being trampled through the home.

This hallway is obviously part of a large home but could be adapted to fit a smaller hallway. Add a chair or a small table. Make each piece as beautiful as possible as these pieces will be seen each time you leave and enter your home - let your hallway represent you.  

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  1. This is a beautiful hallway! It's decorated simply with warm and inviting colors. The lighting is unobtrusive and calming. The hallway is so spotless and clean that one may get a catalog feeling, but the plants make the hallway seem livable. Beautiful!

  2. Swapna,
    Thank you for your compliment!

    Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean about it looking almost 'catalogy' and you are right it has veered away from that by the plants, etc.
    I would love to live in a house like this!

    Thanks again to you both.

  3. Great job using recessed lighting to open this space up. I also really liked the table lamp. I picked up your advice on lack of clutter and gave you a shout on our blog, LightenUp: www.1800lighting.com/Lighten-Up-Blogs


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