October 12, 2009

My Dinner Party

Finally, I have agreed to have a dinner party for 3 of my dear friends. I have decided to keep it small and as I am redecorating my house, have decided to hold it in my apartment in the city.

Unfortunately, due to my culinary past, my amigas expect much from me and I aim to please!

Here is my provisional  menu:

Welcome Drink: Granita Champagne

Canapes (see above image)

Starter: Crab Confit with vinaigrette

Main course: Duck on a sweet potato and parsnip rosti with, asparagus and cranberry and orange jus

Dessert/Pudding: Raspberry and Marscapone cream with Almond Tuille biscuits

Selection of cheeses and a variety of homemade savoury biscuits

Wine will be served throughout the meal - both red and white. Coffee will be served at the end of the meal.

I have tried to do items which can be prepared well in advance and so am able to spend more time with my guests. 

Hopefully they will enjoy my menu - expect some images here of the food sometime after the dinner party on 24th October. 

Any suggestions??!

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October 10, 2009


I sometimes wonder how future generations will live. [Click the image for a larger view.]

I am fascinated by this idea. Will we be more 'eco-focused'? Will beauty and aesthetics be enmeshed with practicality and an awareness of our environment?

You can read about this fascinating project here.

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October 6, 2009

Window Box

I lived in a small apartment for a while and yearned for a large garden yet living in a big city often meant I had hardly enough time to breathe never mind tend a garden. I decided that I would bring a little bit of greenery inside and outside my home. First I decided to utilize my window sill as much as possible without detracting from my kitchen. I bought a small terracotta trough with a matching waterproof tray and planted tomatoes, Tigerella, actually. Beside that I grew mint, basil and parsley - because they were easy and I used them a lot. I had a tiny area outside and added a few pots with hostas and lavender.

Would you believe: Now I have a garden that is far too big I remember that small space with fondness!?

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October 1, 2009

Wooden Floor

Nothing beats a solid wooden floor in terms of beauty, style and feel. Carpets are fine but can look very grubby rather quickly, are expensive and need replacing after a certain period of time.

In my last home I had beautiful hardwood floors and in my current home solid oak floors have been installed and the old carpet consigned to the skip! I truly love it although if you are in a cold area you might want to consider having underfloor heating as well as your wooden floor.

The initial expense is worth it and the value it adds to a home could be more than 10% if completed properly.

Oh, well - on with the rest of the house! 

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