August 26, 2008


If you have no real garden area to speak of, maybe just hard standing, gravel or some such area, it is still possible to create a garden space which is easy to maintain and looks wonderful.

Ensure you use planters which will ensure adequate drainage. Try not to rush to a garden centre and buy everything at once. It is far better to allow, even a small area, to grow organically - add to it gently. Have a plan and choose plants that won't block the path to and from your house. These areas are great for having a few pots dedicated to growing kitchen herbs. tomatoes and such like. 

August 24, 2008

FREE: Need A 125x125 Banner Design?

I have been noticing how many people don't have a small banner ad that promotes their blog.

So I have decided to do something that may be mutually beneficial.

I am offering to create a free 125 x 125 banner for 10 blogs who express an interest.

There are some conditions but I don't think they should be enough to put someone off!

Here we go:

1. Tell me in no more than 50 words why you want a banner created  for your blog (give me the URL and words you would like on the banner)

2. Describe your blog in no more than 10 words or short phrases (this will help me with the design)

3. Promise to use the design to promote your blog for at least 30 days after receipt

4. Add my small banner to your site for 30 days minimum.

5. All entrants should email me at: lucindapalmer [at] ymail [dot] com. 

Easy. No money changing hands, no writing about this post is necessary (although you can if you wish), no grovelling required at all! Just basic information. Depending on the number who apply I may even mention all applicants in a later post. I aim to have completed all banners before the end of September 2008. 

Closing Date: Sunday September 7th 2008 at 8pm EDT.

Late requests cannot be considered - sorry!

August 22, 2008


Sheer understated glamour. Refined styling from the old-school.  Jan Showers, interior designer extraordinaire. 

August 18, 2008

Oil Lamp

This is not a candle but an oil lamp. Designed by Julia Thesenfitz and is available on the internet priced at $200 but I found it for $75 at

Made from porcelain and the 'matchstick' is made from brass. This is bound to be considered a classic in the not-too-distant future and will be around for a long time to come.

August 17, 2008


I like this bedroom's mix of simple styles which, should you be inspired, would ensure you maintained your own individual look. If your bedroom is compact and bijou then using neutral colours can detract from the lack of size. Neutral doesn't have to mean 'boring and bland' especially if you choose accent colours you love. Mix then, add layers, add contrasts. Make your bedroom your own special haven - far from the madding crowd!

August 15, 2008


If you are considering remodelling your bathroom this look could just make your bath ablutions more enjoyable. The emphasis here is on white heavily accented with a concentrated colour on the ceiling to add warmth. The wall to wall mirrors add to the unbroken lines. Note the hanging globe lights which appear as if they could fit neatly into the concave double sinks. Discreet storage space finishes it all off a treat.

August 11, 2008


This house has been made as eco-friendly as possible. The couple who built it have 2 young children and one can imagine how much fun it must be to live in a house like this at any age.
Please click The Woodland House to go directly to their website and you might also want to consider supporting them in their efforts to help others build similar types of homes. Their site has plans, more images and information about their build and eco-philosophy. Proof that building a home doesn't have to be expensive.

Overall much more fun than a Lego-style house, wouldn't you agree?

August 7, 2008


Words almost fail me. I have so many questions and yet my mind immediately imagines lounging whilst listening to the sound of water  all around. The views at any time of day and night must be spectacular. Not cheap but very cheerful! Any takers?

Click the image for the enlarged view.

August 6, 2008


These loungers are just amazing, aren't they? They almost look like something you would have on your table for serving food. The 'innards' are available in various materials and colours  and the exterior can also be patterned or plain in almost any colour you wish from a Moscow-based designer Dima Loginoff. An excellent organic shape and has a womb-like feel to them, wouldn't you agree? I could quite easily curl up with a few super-soft cushions and a good book.

August 3, 2008


If you live in temperate or even cold climates most of your time will be spent indoors, but have you thought about creating an area of your garden where you can just get away from it all?
This gazebo manages to incorporate relaxation and an earthy style. You could skip the thatched roof and add plain zinc instead - less work and can be repainted if necessary.
The raised platform is very practical as it helps to keep any ground level bugs on the ground and also adds that something special at the same time. At night the netting provides shelter from any flying critters which may be attracted to your glowing candles.

You may prefer something less formal and have fun, bright coloured cushions and throws.

If you have no outdoor space then you could recreate this in your bedroom (without the roof, of course!). And why not??!!