July 30, 2008


One of the homes I lived in previously had an outdoor shower and also one indoors. Needless to say I took most of my showers outdoors. There is nothing to beat showering in the elements.

This shower is a mini-waterfall and I'm sure you can imagine the feeling of the water cascading onto you as you rubbed your skin clean with fresh scented natural products. You may want to add some trellis to shield you from prying eyes, allow some climbing plants to grow up the sides. Leave a good 3ft either side for showering space. Alternatively you could position the shower in an area where you are not overlooked in anyway. A great fun space for two!


  1. It looks good. It should be near the pool. I prefer to take outdoor shower too, but I'm staying in an apartment with a pool which I don't go at all.

  2. That's a good addition to your vacation house.


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