August 3, 2008


If you live in temperate or even cold climates most of your time will be spent indoors, but have you thought about creating an area of your garden where you can just get away from it all?
This gazebo manages to incorporate relaxation and an earthy style. You could skip the thatched roof and add plain zinc instead - less work and can be repainted if necessary.
The raised platform is very practical as it helps to keep any ground level bugs on the ground and also adds that something special at the same time. At night the netting provides shelter from any flying critters which may be attracted to your glowing candles.

You may prefer something less formal and have fun, bright coloured cushions and throws.

If you have no outdoor space then you could recreate this in your bedroom (without the roof, of course!). And why not??!!


  1. What a grea idea~ And, your picture is really lovely~

  2. That's really cute. If I had the room , I'd definitely do something like that.

  3. Wow. I want that. :) Atlanta is pretty warm except from Nov-Feb. Great pic!

  4. That picture just put me into daydream mode. I love it and it looks so relaxing.

  5. I must have one of these. But first a house. Then I am so getting one of these! Where on earth did you find this?

  6. Great picture. I want a place like that some day.


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