July 24, 2008


Designers are an essential part of our lives and often their influences and genius can go unnoticed. We get 'design blindness'.
Here is an example of a simple idea beautifully executed. The London-based British designer, Jake Phipps has produced a loveseat which works both indoors and outdoors. The seat can be purchased in oak, cedar and acrylic. The acrylic versions are available in white, lime green and hot pink - depending on your taste of course! My personal preference is for the organic look.

No doubt we will be seeing more of Jake Phipps in the future - remember the name.

For more info contact jakephipps.com.


  1. To be honest, Lucinda, this looks as uncomfortable as the Chinese chairs I have designed and carved some time ago - the only difference is that mine were meant more or less for decoration and/or to keep unwelcome visitors from staying too long - LOL.
    My art blog is on wordpress:


  2. Petra,
    Thank you for commenting again - you are always interesting!!
    Also, you are probably right about the loveseat being uncomfortable but I could see a really comfortable cushion being placed on it to alleviate that problem if one intended to sit for long periods.
    I think it would be great in somewhere like an art gallery, a private park, etc.
    I like the fact that the designer has taken a chunk of wood and moulded it into a great looking piece of furniture.
    But yes, I concede, there is a slight element of form over function/comfort!
    Thanks again, Petra.


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