July 13, 2008


The bright fresh colours contrast beautifully with the backdrop of white. This proves the point that you don't need a huge budget to make a home an attractive place to be.
Paint everywhere white and and then visit charity shops, auctions, yard sales, car boot sales, etc. Pick up bargains, but choose carefully. Ethnic fabric shops usually have an array of colourful fabrics - rifle through the remnant bins and make cushions, throws for the backs of sofas and chairs, etc. - especially easy if you are able to sew your own. Cheap and definitely cheerful.


  1. That rug and those planters are right up my alley!

  2. Great idea - these kind of things i am using myself when I need to decorate something in an affordable way.
    Greetings from Munich,

  3. I absolutely adore those pillows. The colors are gorgeous! But there's absolutely NO WAY I'd ever live in a house that was painted all white. I can't handle white...it gets dirty way too easily!!

  4. Greetings Annie, Petra and Lisa,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I love this room. It just doesn't hide its beauty but, you are right Lisa, it never said it was 100% practical!
    I would enjoy living in this environment. Bright and fresh during the day and with great lighting for the evening and a few scented candles jotted around it could make for lovely evenings in - regardless of the weather outside.
    One would have to be a bit of a clean freak or this could appear pretty grubby quite quickly - unless you wanted to go for the shabby chic look then it could still work. Although you could use various shades of white or even gray to tone down the whiteness.
    Thanks again,


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