July 17, 2008


Should I apologise for featuring another bedroom? I have my favorite rooms and bedrooms are in the Top 2. I think this room is lush, over-the-top yet restrained. Note the 'suspended' beds.
It would be easy to change the room by adding pastel colours with a few high-powered accents, change the large mat and remove the fabric from the walls. If your walls aren't up to it just slap on some paint and a few choice pieces of artwork.
A great room for guests.


  1. Hi Lucinda,
    do you have any idea how one sleeps on this kind of bed? How about the movement when you turn around?
    Looks absolutely gorgeous...
    Greetings, Petra

  2. The walls would make me a little dizzy, but everything else is beautiful!
    Can I be cheeky again and wonder if those beds would go crashing through the walls with any "action?" :P

  3. Petra and Annie,
    Thank you! - You both made me laugh. Petra is a lady and Annie is not!!! Very funny - but such good points.
    I think this has been styled more for aesthetics than for practicality.
    I would imagine for this to work the top ends would need to be secured to a piece running across the underside of the head space/top of the bed and much would be required to keep the bed secure.
    This would work great outdoors as a swing bed on a covered patio.
    The concept is beautiful, but (yes, Annie), from the point of view of 'action' purposes it could be difficult and/or interesting depending...!
    Many thanks for your comments. Appreciated and have provided me with much mirth!

  4. They do look wonderful though. What a great idea. Perhaps a bumper at the wall end of the bed?

  5. I just love the look as well as how the beds are elevated. I believe you are right with something to keep the head from bumping the wall. But the look is outstanding!


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