July 15, 2008


I have only one question: How do you just nip down to the shops for that little something you forgot to buy?
Would you like to live here?


  1. Take your cue from the movie Jaws,'We got to get a bigger boat."

  2. Hmm, with the current fuel prices, you could row to the shops. Or, you could swim to the shops... but what about sharks?

    If you'd like to see just the opposite, I live in the SW Utah desert. You can see lots of pictures of our house and animals at http://sharithomas.com aka "Shari's Gone Country!"

    Oh, and my roomies came from a slightly larger island in the middle of Lake Erie... "Put-In-Bay, Ohio". It had shops though, as it's a major resort.

  3. Woo that's cool lol! In the middle of the sea? They should own a yacht but doh! I can't imagine the style of living.

  4. What a cute little house, but it does make you feel a bit trapped and the thought of "jaws" does come to mind. Great pic!


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