November 23, 2008


A wooden kitchen cannot be beaten in terms of the look and feel of wood. Here the owners of this kitchen have exhibited their love of wood in the sink, the drawers, the worktops and accessories.

If you are buying wood do try and ensure it is eco-friendly, i.e. from renewable sources and not hardwood from the rainforests. There are so many eco-sources available now so we have no excuse.

This kitchen would suit a small space where a 'wow factor' was required without spending a fortune. If you have a larger space then this could be the spare sink in the corner or in a utility room. I think it is always preferable to have a double sink as I find them much more practical but it is all a matter of taste and space.

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  1. I LOVE IT..and it looks low enough for someone like me...I'm just 4'10"...simple, clean, friendly!!!

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I will begin packing as soon as I finish writing this...LOL



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