November 12, 2008


With USA readers soon to be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas (for those who partake) around the corner, there are many reasons to check you have the right number of crockery items for all your guests.
If you are starting from scratch, the best option is to go for simple white crockery. Usually visiting thrift shops, dollar and charity stores or large supermarkets or discount stores can unearth some real bargains.
Find fabrics shops: think sari fabrics, velvets, ticking or crushed linen.

Choose plates that are larger than you would normally use and they can be used as dinner plates and double as serving plates too. Don't restrict yourself to round plates - if there are square, oval or anything else consider them too.

If you are wary of buying all white china then add colour with your table dressing. Think candles, table runners, flower arrangements (remember to keep them low and not obscuring your guests line of sight), serviettes, tea lights,table cloths and so on. Don't forget that most higher-class restaurant establishments use white china to showcase their meals - mainly because it looks nicer!

Don't fuss too much at your dinner party. Your guests want to enjoy you and your company and a host who is fussing around, worrying about every aspect makes others feel ill-at-ease.

In these days of financial restraint if you are buying many items don't forget to ask nicely for a discount - start at 20% and see how you do.

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