November 18, 2008


This garden is special and yet is easy to manage. The outdoor space has been split into an area for seating and entertaining and also a fountain area surrounded by a mass of foliage and soothing, scented plants. 

You could recreate something similar, even without the fountain, in your own garden. Keep it simple. Consider your particular garden and the amount of sunlight it receives at different times of the day and seasons. Don't be afraid to add large planters as features but start with a few items and then build up gradually. 

Visit the garden nurseries and find plants that you like and that will do well in the soil you currently have. I try to ensure easy-to-care for items are top of my list in my garden, but there is no point in having plants which are easy yet won't grow in your garden.

This garden makes for a wonderful space for outdoor living - wouldn't you agree?

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  1. HI,

    I really enjoy YOUR taste in decoration. I hope you will do more posts on gradens and landscapes. Again, I enjoy, very much the pics and what YOU see in them. Thank you,



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