November 29, 2008


This twin bedroom is somewhere most people wouldn't mind waking up in. I love this room for its old-fashioned simplicity. The wallpaper harks back to yesteryear without being overpowering.

The room is fairly easy to recreate. The walls could be painted apple-white instead of using wallpaper and if you have an old wooden bedstead it could be brought back to life with a coat of hard-wearing paint - if it has seen better days and had a few knocks all the better.

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  1. Hi Lucinda,
    this is so heartwarmingly oldfashioned and would fit into a lovely old English cottage. Simply sweet!!!

  2. Green rooms are so relaxing. And this one looks dreamy, romantic and oh so homey. Sweet dreams won't be far away in this kind of room.

  3. I really like this bedroom. It looks so fresh and clean.

  4. You are so welcome :) it is always a pleasure to drop by here daily to see what's new and I just love the layout and interior designs :)

  5. Petra,
    Thank you and I agree - it looks old-fashioned but yet not too twee.

    Wouldn't you just imagine snuggling down in one of those beds for a good night's sleep?!

    I like the fact that it looks easy to clean - that is important to me and makes the room seem even nicer!

    Easy Streets,
    What a compliment! Thank you. I don't always post every day, due to life impoasing sometimes, but I am trying to increase my post rate. Glad you like the site and hope to here from you soon!

    Thank you all,

  6. Love this green and white, neat clean and cherry. It does indeed look most inviting.

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