November 26, 2008


Kiva fireplaces are just adorable. It reminds me of my short stay with friends a few winters ago in Mexico. We spent many evenings sat round the Kiva fireplace with homemade margarita's and tapas sharing awful jokes! My friend had a home where  you had to kick off your shoes and put your feet up and explore the fridge yourself if you wanted a snack. Great fun.

I love Kiva fires because they are usually in unpretentious homes. The kind of homes where it doesn't matter if you happen to spill things or leave a few items strewn around - makes it look more homely.

These fires really do work and they are usually tucked away in a corner of the room and so tend not to overwhelm spaces yet they look wonderful too. Apparently the fireplace is quite weighty and so you would need to ensure you have solid floor foundations. If in doubt get expert advice before trying to install one yourself, which could be done without too much fuss.

Do you like these fireplaces as much as I do? Or maybe you have one - tell us what you like/dislike about them.


  1. I love southwest decor, it's homey, rustic and comfortable. So yes, I like the fireplace as well.


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