September 11, 2008

Solar Light

This light is such a good idea. Place it in a position to absorb sunlight during the day and it can be used as a nightlight both inside and outside the home. A great price too -  converted to USD would be no more than $40.00 (excl. delivery charge) from John Lewis.

Neat, compact, easy to store when not in use and eco-friendly too!

Have you thought about subscribing? 


  1. I went to the expense of buying one of these in from America and it doesn't work!


  2. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Sorry that your solar light didn't work but a friend of mine has 8 of these dotted around her home and garden and they all work!
    If you bought one from John Lewis (a very reputable company on a par with Marks and Spencer) which didn't work you shouldn't have any problems getting a refund.
    Thanks again,



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