September 3, 2008


This is my third featured door here and I love this one because it looks used, worn - a practical yet beautiful adornment for an entrance. I look at the double doors and try to guess the age, type of wood. It is grand and beautiful and has stood the test of time with no-one, of late, polishing it, caring for it, yet it still stands proud and strong. It does give a hint of being altered over time with various bits added to try and prolong its life - a bit like having cosmetic surgery - yet it has actually worked!

Do you enjoy doors as much as I do? 


  1. Baby Slings

    I love old doors I think there unique there only one like them there hard to find

  2. I took a lot of pictures of doors when I was in Italy this summer. My daughter thought I was nuts. LOL I'll have to share my treasure throve. Thanks for the idea. :)


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