September 26, 2008


Have you ever imagined a kitchen with a chandelier in it? Somehow this doesn't look out of place. The setting is grand without being over-the-top. (Don't forget the ceiling artwork!)

Streamlined kitchen space for a serious cook who likes to have a bit of fun. 

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  1. There's a lot to like here, but the chandelier and that ceiling are a bit too much for me! We'd have them both coated in cooking residue within days.

  2. Thanks for leaving your business card, I would never had come over to see your blog. This is a great site and I've been sitting here looking at all of the different images in your Widget Wowzio. I love decorating and want to re-do my bedroom and have been looking for good ideas. thanks again and hope to you see you at my site. I think you have a great blog! jj

  3. That is a beautiful kitchen! I'm salivating! I love the countertops and the ceiling the best!

  4. I like the look but I am too practical to be able to live and work in a kitchen with a chandelier. It would need cleaning more than one that is in another room and the ceiling I would be worried about with steam from cooking. See I told you I was too practical to appreciate how lovely it does look.


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