August 7, 2008


Words almost fail me. I have so many questions and yet my mind immediately imagines lounging whilst listening to the sound of water  all around. The views at any time of day and night must be spectacular. Not cheap but very cheerful! Any takers?

Click the image for the enlarged view.


  1. The reminds me of the house from that silly movie, The Lake House.
    I would definitely rent it for a week! The water is beautiful... Wait, this is a concept photo, right? Or does it really exist?

  2. Annie,
    This house actually exists! It is/was for sale at 20 million euros. It's more the kind of place I would like to rent for a week for the experience rather than buy - if the small issue money wasn't a factor, of course!
    Thanks for commenting and I love your blog!

  3. Ha - I am a total water person and would take this house immediately - and that tiny weeny piece of money? Who would care about such a unimportancy? LOL
    Greetings, Petra

  4. What an amazing house. I wonder how scary it is when a storm is outside?!?

  5. wow ..yes please Lucinda...
    I have lived on the water all my life ...but this is stunning...
    'the perfect houseboat'

  6. I'd love to have this house! The views would be great and I wouldn't have to mow the lawn:)

  7. Beautiful! Where is it? Are there typhoons or hurricanes there? Other than that, I'd take it in a heartbeat! Well, IF I had the money! :)


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