January 1, 2010

Spring Clean

Yes, I know it isn't spring, but I use the new year to evaluate the 'things' I have around me and if there are items that could be cleaned, used, thrown away, given to relatives/friends or to the local charity shop.
It just seems an opportune time to clear the cobwebs of the previous year away and embrace the new with a clean slate. Plus, changing the window dressings, wiping down walls, vacuuming behind places that can be easily overlooked, rearranging furniture, throwing out chipped or cracked items, old bedding and that chair that has been in the shed for x number of years which one has not got around to repairing... - is good mind and body exercise.
Why don't we try it together?

Sorry I was away for so long!

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  1. I'm out, just kidding, no really cleaning?!?....;-)

  2. I try to do the same which I have been doing since high school...don't count years. This year, I was able to clean things out, but not clean. It feels so good to have clear walking spaces.

  3. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2010 will be an awesome year, full of inspiration and lots of lovely stuff for us to learn from you. :-)

    At the end of the year I was given a blogger award and have in turn listed House Home Garden to receive the Kreativ Blogger award as well. Stop by to pick it up when you can (Jan 6 posting Romancing Italy)



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