January 7, 2010


That is it. I am honestly sick of the cold and am now planning my escape to somewhere hot.

Many moons ago I stayed in a wonderful thatched cottage with simple rustic furniture deep in the jungle. The early morning mist would rise in the valley and engulf me whilst I swung in a hammock drinking my early morning brew. Wonderful!
Holidays where you are herded from A to B to C does not appeal to me and so my wanderlust spirit loves this kind of unscripted environment where the animals are all wonderful and sometimes dangerous.
Just thinking of it makes me feel a little less cold!!!

How do you plan to escape from the dreary weather? - (assuming you are experiencing that where you are.)

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  1. I like your idea of a vacation. Being herded like cattle doesn't appeal to me and I like the off the beaten path type vacations too. Less tourists, more culture, more reality.

    And yep, here we have a nice cold Siberian blast, though it's warmed up enough so there is only rain instead of snow.

    Happy dreaming

  2. I am also planning to have a vacation and like you I am still looking for the best place. :)

  3. I go out for coffee. Even though it means waiting for buses outside in the snow... I still feel less affected by the weather when I have a good latte and a great book. I sit in some corner of the coffee shop and read for an hour, longer sometimes if I bring along paper and pens and start to write.

    (I'd forgotten about your blog since I left Entrecard so long ago. Glad to have found it again today.)

  4. Amazing location, very beautiful house. Greenery is awesome.climatic condition might be very good which allows the plants to grow well.


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