June 26, 2009

White Bedroom

Although it might not seem so, but it takes thought and restraint to  keep a room white. 

A relative of mine has a living room which is primarily cream and ivory and I initally  felt very tempted to recommend splashes of duck-egg blues and pale greens just to add some interest. But after spending some time there the need disappeared. Using pale colors can be so soothing and if done well it can work.

Waking up in this bedroom must be glorious. 


  1. Of all rooms in the house for thought and restraint... the bedroom is not one.


  2. I have always wanted a white bedroom. I can`t think of anything that looks so relaxing.

  3. I wouldn't be able to have a white room, I LOVE color. Plus, would be worried everything would get dirty. lol

    Question for you, on the bottom of your blog I noticed something I like, the way you have your little badges in a row...side to side, how do you do that? When I've tried to put multiple badges they always appear top to bottom. Your way is a much nicer use of space.

  4. Thank you all for commenting,

    You are sooo right!

    Thanks - it is relaxing and soothing.

    I think there are issues about keeping it looking pristine - as grubbiness in this environment just will not do.
    To answer your question: Using Blogger I go into LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS > and then ADD A GADGET at the bottom of the page. I then use the same gadget box to add all the badges, leaving a line space between each one.
    It should work but let me know how lad you you get on. Glad you like it!

    Thanks again everyone,


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