June 9, 2009

Drain House

Would you prefer to spend a night in a drain house or in a tent on the same patch of ground?

Such an unusual bedroom space. I think spending the night here would be such an experience. Do you agree?

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  1. It wouldn't be bad as long as there were no spiders - they're the worst thing about sleeping out!

  2. Well as long as these thingies do not start to roll away - I would possibly try a night - although I must admit, I'd prefer a tent. The latter appears to me less claustrophobic - LOL

  3. As much as I love to camp I must say that the drain pipe would be a lot safer with the world as it is today. But I have a bad case of claustrophobia so I'm not sure I could close myself up in a tube.

  4. If only for one night and to get new experience, I don't mind to try it, but if it's for daily night, I have to rethink about it :)

  5. where did you find these? Very interesting concept!


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