November 5, 2012

Quilted Comforter

bedroom showing light blue quilted bedspread, opulent
I cannot think of anything that evokes my childhood more than a handmade quilt or a quilted comforter. This is an example of simple, classical elegance which could fit most types of decor except  the futuristic modern.
This reminds me of the large Victorian house I grew up in with the original cast iron stove in the cellar, complete with bread prover. The high ceilings, fireplaces and huge surrounds which were 5ft tall! The winding staircase all the way up to the rooms at the top of the house which were clearly used by the servants of old. I never failed to be out of breath once I reached the top!
Sounds rather romantic but it was a big old draughty house and cost a fortune to keep the wind, rain and snow out plus the garden was far too small for such a grand house. Still it did make a great place to play hide and seek in with my siblings and friends!

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  5. The blue and white bedding is just peaceful and classic. Where did the bedding come from? I would love to decorate my bedroom in these colors.


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