November 14, 2009

Red Kitchen

Red can be quite a scary over-powering color but here, in a kitchen, it is shown off beautifully. This kitchen has a lot of natural light flooding in through the windows, the dark worktops help to ground the high color and the just great!!

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  1. Love your blog and the red kitchen. I think all kitchen cabinet doors should have glass. Great stainless hood plays up the red. One day I might get this bold in my kitchen... if my husband lets me...Fay

  2. I couldn't agree more! I think this red kitchen is fabulous. We are in the process of redoing ours and just a little paint, new hardware and counter tops can make all the difference. Thanks for the post and your wonderful blog!

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. Nice kitchen! What I'd give to get a kitchen like this... even though it looks a bit too feminine... =)

  4. Beautiful, colorful and inspiring. it must be a pleasure to cook in that kitchen. red is said to increase your appetite for food, and pleasure.
    wish it was mine.

  5. I love this kitchen! What a wonderful kitchen to create and inspire your meals!


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