June 21, 2008


Unfortunately, some architects have been slammed for creating unusual buildings. Here is one which seems to give a nod to the past whilst stepping into the future. Square, angular and making a big statement. As this is a new site I'm trying to imagine it with the landscaping completed. Wouldn't you like to live in a house like this?


  1. Would you really want to be that exposed? It looks pretty but to live in it I think we would end up adding curtains of blinds and then it wouldn't be as attractive.

    My ex-husband always said he wanted a home with the open concept. But the reality would have been very different. He was agoraphobic and could not have handled a house without walls and some privacy.

  2. Laura,
    Thanks again for your comment.

    I thought exactly the same until I stayed with a friend who had a house evrey similar to this one. The house was enclosed by a high hedge and was slightly secluded. They had installed a set of electric blinds which recessed into the side walls when not in use. It all looked very neat and didn't detract from the beauty of the house and ensured privacy when required. It was mainly open plan throughout but was so beautifully designed it did not feel like a great big hangar. Your ex-husband may have still have had a problem though.

    Thank you again!


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